Mary had a little lamb

7 05 2009
Its fleece as white as snow...

It's fleece as white as snow...

I love this dress. I bought it at H&M this winter and I wanna use it everyday.  I usually hate white/eggshell/cream/beige and that kind of colors, but this dress is so perfect for when I want that girly look. It looks great with jeans, and also belted, with colored stockings and vintage brown suede boots.

Weird arm position, I know

Weird arm position, I know

I know I look like a bitch on this one, but It’s the only one that really shows off the bracelet. Bought it at some kind of beach market, last year, and it’s also one of my favorites. Really versatile, really pretty.

And, of course, the headband. My hair is really short, but I really love this headband and also to use handkerchiefs as a headband, and I hate that people think they aren’t supposed to be worn as nothing else but a practical “don’t let my hair into my eyes” accessory. Guys, sometimes things don’t have to have some kind of practical sense – they’re just pretty.

Also, if you’re portuguese and live near Lisbon, go to the Petfood Showdown (details at: I won’t be able to make it, ‘cause I live in Caldas da Rainha and, because of it and school, I wouldn’t be there on time, but I wish I could. It will help União Zoófila, which is one of the greatest organizations, not only in size but in love too, working for the well-being of abandoned pets all over the country (mainly in Lisbon, as the canel and “catel” is located near the Lisbon Zoo). Please, if you can, go and help. Think about your most beloved pet. If you don’t have one, just watch Marley and Me and think about Marley. If it still doesn’t make you wanna be there… sorry to say, but you’re a fuckin’ monster.

It’s all for today, I guess. Bye, guys!




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