Hello. And sorry I’m lazy.

4 05 2009

Hey. I’ve “owned” this blog for a long time, without posting. Today,  because I joined Twitter and I can finally see why people say it’s addictive, I decided I should start this for real. The main reason I didn’t do it before is that I have no one that can take me photos everyday. As this is supposed to be a fashion blog (which I’ll use as web-design portfolio too, I hope), it is quite a problem. I’ll probably ask a friend of mine to take a whole bunch of them every week when I visit him, but for my everyday look all I have is a mirror.

So, the basics. My name Is Ana Rita, most people call me Rita (thank god!). I’m 17, born in 8 November 1991, which also means I’m a Scorpio. I don’t usually believe in any of this, but my personality happens to match my sign. Basically, I’m a bitch.

I’m Portuguese (so please forgive any mistakes that I may write – and correct them, if you wish!). I lived in Amadora, near Lisbon, for 16 years. Last year I moved to my actual town, Caldas da Rainha. I left all my friends in Amadora, and I miss them like hell. They’re my people, whatever that means.

I’m quite a fashionista and 80% of my time is spent complaining about how the fashion industry isn’t developed in my country. If you happen to live/have lived/spend vacations in Portugal, you know what I’m talking about. However, I’m always and forever in love with Chiado. There’s no place in the world that can match it, really.

I’m planning on moving to London as soon as I finish high school, but still thinking about what course to take (I’m pending towards Fashion Management and Marketing or something related to Web-design. If money wasn’t an issue, however, I would spend my life taking history, literature and political courses). I think I should be less eclectic (when it comes to possible professional areas), but I can’t help it.

Id like to emphasise Ive mastered the smokey eye.

Oh, hey you guys!

Shes electric, can I be electric too?

She's electric, can I be electric too?

Ok, now you know me! Let the bloggin’ begin!




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